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Henna Aftercare

Taking care of Henna is something that gets better with practice! Follow these easy steps for successful after care of your Henna paste and stain.

1. Keep the Henna paste for as long as possible, more time = darker stain. Hands and feet (4h-6h), arms and legs (6h-8h), torso and face (8h-12h).

2. Remove the paste by scraping with fingers or a plastic card. First day stain will be yellow/orange. This will oxidize and reach a darker red/brown color within the next 48h. Final color depends on the skin type. Darker tones will be achieved on palms because the skin is thicker.

4. Avoid water for the first 24h after scraping to achieve the darkest, most durable stain.

5. Coconut and olive oil help remove excess paste and moisturize the skin. This also helps repel water.

6. AVOID petroleum based products such as: Vaseline, lotion, baby oil, sunblock etc.

7. The Henna stain will fade with washing and exfoliation.

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